Biodance Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask 4pcs

BIODANCE’s best-selling Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask, a highly concentrated ampoule hydrogel mask that sells over 1 million units and one every 2 seconds, proven to improve skin moisture, pores, and elasticity with each use.

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Proven Results: 19.40% reduction in pore volume, 19.65% reduction in pore area, and 16.09% fewer pores immediately after use.

Cheek Moisture: 126% increase in moisture immediately after use.
Residue-Free: Experience refreshing skin without residual essence.
Safe & Tested: EWG Green grade, free of 64 harmful ingredients, skin irritation tested. 

Deep Penetration: Contains low molecular collagen and hyaluronic acid for quick, deep absorption.

Enhanced Moisturization: 50,000ppm low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration.
Superior Absorption: 50,000ppm low molecular weight fish collagen for optimal skin penetration and absorption.

Results may vary among individuals.

How To Use:

1.Cleanse and tone your skin.
2.Apply the mask to your face.
3.Remove when it turns transparent.
4.Finish with your favorite cream.

Sleeping Mask:

1.Cleanse and apply an ampoule or cream.
2.Place the mask on your face.
3.Leave on overnight and remove in the morning.


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